Customer Survey

About your visit
  1. Did you visit for lunch or dinner?
  2. How often do you dine with us?
  3. Was this a special occasion?
  4. Are you a member of our Birthday Club?
  5. Would you recommend us to your friends?
About the food
  1. Choice & variety of dishes
  2. Food quality
  3. Meal presentation
  4. Meal temperature
  5. Value for money
About the beverages
  1. Selection of wine available
  2. Selection of beer and other beverages available
  3. Price range of beverages
  4. Value for money
About the service
  1. Was your food order taken promptly and correctly?
  2. Was your food order correct and complete?
  3. Were employees friendly, courteous and well presented?
  4. Were employees attentive and available when needed?
  5. Were employees knowledgeable & able to answer questions about food & Beverages?
  6. Did the cleanliness & presentation of the hotel meet your expectations?
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