Village Garden Bar & Grill

The award winning Village Garden Bar and Grill provides a number of distinct dining spaces for your enjoyment.  Families wishing to be closer to Krusty’s Playground can be accommodated, and those not wishing to be quite so close to the “action,” can easily find a more secluded spot.  Simply ask when making your reservation for your preference.

All of the spaces are undercover with a mixture of large and smaller table configurations to cater for any sized party.

Cooling breezes fan the restaurant in summer and efficient gas and electric heaters take the chill off in winter.

The style is smartly casual, contemporary country and the overwhelming popularity of The Village Garden Bar and Grill as arguably the most popular special occasions venue in the city of Brisbane says you can be confident of a first class experience every time you pay us a visit.

Menus include:

1     THE COUNTRY KITCHEN SELECTION    Available Wednesday to Friday Lunch from 12-2pm. Prices range between $9.50 and $16.95.

In addition, the premium a la carte Steak Selection is available during lunch on request.

2     THE A LA CARTE MENU    Available Saturday & Sunday Lunch and Public Holidays, and Wednesday to Saturday for Dinner.

3     THE GOURMET PIZZA SELECTION    Available alongside the main a la carte menu as well as Tuesday 1/2 Price Pizza and Pasta Night


All these menus can be viewed on our MENU page.

Bon appétit!

Part of the Pullos Group

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